ET and Indy Blu-rays coming soon, ET is original cut


Stephen Spielberg was talking up a storm last night at a 30th anniversary celebratory screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Along with Harrison Ford, the director watched the movie and then answered some questions from the crowd. The most notable answers, according to AICN, were about ET and the Indiana Jones films coming to Blu-Ray.

On the subject of the latter, all Spielberg said was that the films would be coming “soon” and noted that he and George Lucas have different ideas on what soon means. As for ET, that will definitely be coming soon, and thanks to an audience poll it won’t be the horrifically altered 2002 edition where the guns were taken out of the film and the word penis was dropped.

Spielberg actually said that changing the film was a mistake and that he buckled under pressure from parent groups. He promised, however, that he won’t alter any more of his films ever. It’s strange how one director so easily gets a message from fans and yet another is completely oblivious to the outside world’s criticism.

[via AICN]

Matthew Razak
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