Ethan Hawke will play Nikola Tesla in an upcoming Biopic


In a role seldom portrayed on the silver screen, actor Ethan Hawke will take up the mantle of Nikola Tesla in an upcoming biopic covering the scientists life. 

Tesla, directed by Michael Almereyda, will detail Tesla’s life in thorough detail. Everything from his Serbian upbringing, to his (forgive me) electric rivalry with competitor Thomas Edison will find its way into the film. 

Currently, Tesla does not have a distributor, but does have two producion companies attached to it. Passage Pictures and Campbell Grobman Films are onboard to produce the biopic alongisde Michael Almereyda.

The choice of Hawke is an almost strange one to me. The actor was a prominent force in the late 90s and early 2000’s, but since then has been absent from any noteworthy projects. Hawke has little in the way of inborn charm, and at least to me, doesn’t have the brilliant spark required to play such an eccentric role. I’m skeptical that Hawke can pull off this part, but, hopeful that he knocks it out of the park.

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