Everything about the new Star Trek: Picard trailer is good

Star Trek: Picard - Teaser

CBS may have lost a ton of fans with the lackluster second season of Star Trek: Discovery but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop making Star Trek shows, and they know one way to get fans slobbering is to bring back Captain Jean Luc Picard. Consider me slobbering. The first teaser trailer is pretty much everything a Trek fan could want, with nods to the original series all over the place, including the fact that Picard has his own vineyard. 

(Sidenote: If CBS doesn’t put out a series of mediocre wines under the Chateau Picard label they are a failure at franchising.)

The show, as is pretty obvious, will take place after the series and movies have ended with a retired Picard. From leaks and rumors it appears he will be on earth and possibly at Star Fleet academy. The narration in this trailer definitely makes it sound like he might be interviewed by a professor in front of a class or something, but honestly just seeing Patrick Stewart as Picard once again has me too excited to care.

The only problem? Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman, the shows producers, seem to have no idea what Star Trek actually is if their Discovery efforts are any indication. They seem to think that simply slapping the Star Fleet logo on there and then doing big action set pieces is a replacement for the philosophical and metaphorical original series. That’s simply not true at all, and they’ve driven a lot of fans away because of it. However, Picard might be their chance to dive deeper. If this series turns into an actual character study, and not some excuse to bring Picard back into service because of an alien invasion we could have something special on our hands. 

Matthew Razak
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