Everything Everywhere All at Once trailer is not your typical multiverse


As we anticipate the latest spandex-clad shenanigans from the House of Ideas, A24 prepares their 2022 slate with a trailer for Everything Everywhere All at Once, a wild-lookin’ cocktail of multiverse sci-fi, funky fisticuffs, and the magnificent Michelle Yeoh, from the directors of Swiss Army Man.

Evelyn (Yeoh) is a seemingly-everyday, tired woman slogging through some tax-filing when her third (googly) eye is awakened and her powers of bending the many parallel worlds around us are made apparent. In typical multiverse fashion, a great evil threatens what little balance is already in effect, and Evelyn must use her world-weariness and newfound multi-talented can of butt-kicking powers to tip the scales back in the favor of all things good. Heck, she dukes it out with a snarky Jamie Lee Curtis and we see some cop explode into confetti. Everything Everywhere is off to a good start, even if you can’t make heads or tails of it.

Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (or, “Daniels”), Everything Everywhere All at Once also stars Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, Jenny Slate, the wonderful James Hong, and the aforementioned, movie-always-better-for-her Jamie Lee Curtis.

A24’s trailer looks to juggle genres the way the Daniels did with Swiss Army Man, with all manner of wild dolly zooms and phantasmagoric effects capturing kung-fu, hot dog fingers, fourth wall-breaking film shoots, and, well, more. Likely a different beast, but I can’t stop thinking about Sion Sono’s great Why Don’t You Play in Hell? based off of that oddball movie shoot shot we see in the trailer. See that film.

And see Everything Everywhere All at Once when it hits screens next year. Releasing March 25th, 2022, it’ll open next year’s South by Southwest festival. Time to book my plane to Austin.