Everything Marvel-related coming to Disney+, including Captain Marvel


Did you feel the Internet explode over the past couple of hours? That’s because Disney was busy basically swinging their massive media dick all over the place. Like, they just walked out laughed at everyone else’s streaming platform offerings then slammed every damn franchise anyone cares about onto the table, dumping a few extra shows and movies on top just for fun. We’ll give you the rundown on everything, but I’m talking Marvel right here and now, and there’s going to be plenty of it. 

To begin the studio announced that Captain Marvel will hit the streaming service on the day of Disney+’s launch. That’s in November so it’s not that big a deal, but gives you an idea of how soon we’ll be seeing movies after they leave theaters. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Endgame is on there as well and maybe even Spider-Man: Far From Home. The studio didn’t announce when all the Marvel films would be available, which is a bit odd since they basically announced that by the end of the year every other film they own will be on the service, but it’s probably because a lot of them are still tied up in Netflix contracting issues.

Then they started in on the plethora of Marvel shows coming. First, there’s a Jeremy Renner led Hawkeye show coming. That was announced earlier today, but during the event they also confirmed that Tom Hiddleston will appear in Loki, a TV series about the character. Then they confirmed two more Marvel shows: Wanda Vision, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paule Bettany as the Scarlet Witch and Vision, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Basically, the true Marvel universe is coming to television and you’re going to have to pay to be filled in completely. You’re also going to have to pay to watch a show called Wanda Vision, which is just the oddest name ever. 

There’s the animated What if? series, which will function much like the comic books and took a look at other possible realities where things have changed due to event unfolding differently. Also, we’ll be getting a metric ton of behind-the-scenes documentaries about the making of the MCU, which I’m guessing are taken from the Blu-ray releases of everything, but could be new content too.

Most interesting of all is that Kevin Feige said that “Post-‘Endgame,’ the MCU will be extremely different and extremely focused on Disney+.” It sounds like they are going to take the ability to pump out television and movies on their own pace and accord and make the MCU into a far deeper and more regular experience. Truly, Marvel is redefining what movies and television can do once again. It will be very interesting to see if people will follow them along with it. That is a lot of content to keep up with, but if the price is right and the fans are there I think they can do it.

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