Evil Dead remake ‘fabulous’, according to Bruce Campbell


Many people are understandably tentative when it comes to the upcoming Evil Dead remake, but Bruce Campbell is on hand to assure everyone, in rather fruitier fashion than usual, that he has seen the movie and it is ‘definitely fabulous’. Given Campbell is one of the movie’s producers, his approval might not come as much of a shock, but it’s more encouraging to read him acknowledge it will take something extra special to win fans over, and take responsibility for the outcome by declaring himself and Sam Raimi all over the movie ‘like a cheap suit’.

Personally, I’m encouraged by the presence of Diablo Cody on writing duty, but the fact the movie will feature state-of-the-art effects (which Campbell boasts about) is a little deflating, since the amateurish quality of the original trilogy’s practical effects are part of what made it special for me. I understand it’s important to draw in a new audience with expectations of CGI snazziness, but to me that’s antithetical to what makes Evil Dead so, well, groovy. Raimi also tried to recapture the magic in Drag Me To Hell a few years back and it didn’t quite stick, but perhaps director Fede Alvarez will find a new direction for the series special in its own right.

[via Digital Spy]