Evil Dead remake just like Evil Dead, minus fun


Extensive details of the Diablo Cody-scribed Evil Dead remake have emerged on Moviehole, including a lengthy story synopsis. A provisional shooting schedule suggests that Raimi is keen to get production underway in March, with New Zealand being the planned location. As the site points out, Raimi is already familiar with the country, having shot his television series Xena: Warrior Princess there.

You can use the link to find all the juicy spoilers you could ever wish for, but the gist seems to be that this movie will be taking the basic Evil Dead template (cabin in the woods, book of the dead, demonic forces emerging) only this time, played more as straight horror than Raimi’s over-the-top tone. While the original worked as a horror while at the same time skimming parody, stripping away the silliness sounds like it will lose everything bar the aesthetics which make it Evil Dead. I could ask what the point of it all is, but then that’s a question for nearly every remake ever conceived.

[via Moviehole]