EW gives us the Psylocke we deserve in these X-Men: Apocalypse images


Gun to my head, if I had to choose between Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand as a worse third installment of a super hero franchise, it would have to be X-Men. They only messed up Gwen Stacy, Venom, Harry Osborn’s turn as Green Goblin, and Peter Parker in general in Spider-Man 3. X3 was far more damaging to far more characters, with Psylocke topping that list.

But today, all of that changes. Entertainment Weekly delivers the goods on X-Men: Apocalypse with some hecka sweet images, including Olivia Munn as what very much appears to be a comic-accurate Psylocke, as well as a new Magneto outfit, the titular villain Apocalypse himself (played by Oscar Isaac), the X-Men doing X-Men stuff, and freakin’ MOHAWK STORM. If that doesn’t get you hype, then you can BAMF! your way right on out of my face.

I’m less than impressed with the Apocalypse design (as Nick pointed out: Ivan Ooze, anybody?), but the rumors of costumed X-characters ring a lot truer in light of that Psylocke costume. Fingers crossed she does more than she did the last time she appeared.

Next year will be a fantastic summer for Marvel movies, with X-Men Apocalypse (due out May 27th) joining Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. Check out the reassuring photos in the gallery

[via EW.com]