Expendables 2 gets biblical on your a$$


What could possibly make Expendables 2 seem even more overblown? Getting all up in the Last Supper that’s what. While Last Supper parodies are hardly new, rarely has so much action been crammed into one. The bowl of grenades is a nice touch.

We here at Flixist — our minds full of so many pop culture detours it’s hard to find one’s way around — instantly decided that this was clearly also a viral image to the next Dan Brown novel. The book, which is totally based on FACT, uncovers the lost book of the Bible “The Book of ‘Splosions.” The book is about a secret covenant of mercenary monks who follow the “Book of ‘Splosions” teachings. Those teachings? Blow stuff up.

Tagline: They’re on a mission from god… to blow stuff up.

Matthew Razak
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