Expendables 3 adds Cage, Chan, Snipes and Jovovich


Okay, I’m going to type this calmly. You know how awesome The Expendables was when Sylvester Stallone, Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis had that one scene together? You know how awesome The Expendables 2 wasn’t because it decided to expand their roles? The Expendables 3 seems to be taking the kitchen sink approach, and it will finally bring us the action film this entire franchise has been promising. By bringing in all the big names but giving them very little to do. 

According to Deadline, Nicolas Cage (who was rumored to be in the cast a while back, but was quickly denied by Stallone), Jackie Chan (who was confirmed some time ago), Wesley Snipes (who’s finally out of prison and I hope wears his Demolition Man hair), and Milla Jovovich (one of the most badass females around) are in advanced negotiations to join The Expendables 3. There’s no other information for their exact roles at this point, but maaaaannnn is this cool. But given how many big names are here and how little screen time there is for the film, the actors themselves probably won’t do much (which is for the best). All I need to be happy is for them to show up and share the same screen.

Expendables 3 is going to be the Expendables to end all Expendableses

[via Deadline]