Extended World War Z clip is pretty much World War Z


World War Z has had nothing but rough times from its first rough looking trailer. First it got a forced new ending, then it was delayed and had to go through seven weeks of reshoots, then there was news that the zombie film (which to this day has not referred to its monsters as zombies) would have very little blood, and then it was changed even further to appease Chinese censors, and eventually news broke that WWZ would need to make $400 million dollars in order to make any money, and then it releases lazy looking promotional material, AND THEN Regal Cinemas bundles it with a “mega ticket” bundle which already looks valueless, AND FINALLY all of this hooplah is bringing on negative buzz leading us to question whether or not World War Z is even faithful to the original text.

That’s quite a history and is overwhelming when gathered in one place. But, does the newest extended clip for World War Z remedy the film’s funky past? No. No it doesn’t. World War Z exists June 21st.