F9: The Fast Saga trailer says f**k your physics


The Fast and the Furious 9, aka F9, aka The Fast Saga, aka Family Forever, aka Family Meal Time 9 has a new trailer. If you’ve seen a Fast film, you probably have a sense for what’s coming, or then again, probably not. Previous iterations have leveled entire shantytown’s and their populations for the sake of an action sequence. They’ve featured submarines, and Vin Diesel fighting saber tooth tigers in hand to claw combat. Some things never change. Some do.

Key notes:

  • The Rock seems to be missing. This is likely a reflection of the Hobbs & Shaw film that released last  year, but all the same, it’s odd, as he has become a cornerstone of this franchise and his absence is palpable.
  • Dom definitely doesn’t change diapers. Family yes. Diapers no.
  • [Spoiler alert] They may have removed The Rock, but surprise motherfuckers! Han’s back! 
  • I’m really rooting for this trailer (highly unusual) up until about 3:11 when perhaps the wonkiest bit of anti-physics stunt bullshit to date drops a deuce on this trailer.
F9 - Official Trailer [HD]

F9: The Fast Saga takes kids to school to unlearn their physics on May 22, 2020.