Fables to get the movie treatment


I am not a comic book reader (anymore), but even I’ve heard of Bill Willingham’s reportedly amazing Fables series. THR is reporting that the popular DC Comics (printed under their adult Vertigo line) has been tapped for movie making awesomeness by Warner Bros.  And why not. Fairytales are the new vampires and Fables was doing revamped fairytales way before it was cool.  It’s the hipster of the fairytale revamp world. 

For an idea of what we’re talking about here Fables is about a bunch of classic fairytale characters who get kicked out of their world and now live in a secret corner of New York kicking ass. It’s basically Once Upon a Time, but way better and more violent. Nikolaj Arcel, who directed the much ballyhooed Royal Affair, is on board to direct with Jeremy Slater, who is also rebooting Fantastic Four, writing the screenplay. While we can’t say much for Slater, Arcel brings a grittiness and talent that could make Fables really stand out from the plethora of other fairytale fare that abounds. 

[THR, via io9]

Matthew Razak
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