Faith and begorrah! Leprechaun reboot set for 2013


It’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, but the Irish festivities are kicking off a day early with the news that Lionsgate are rebooting the legendary Leprechaun series with a view to a 2013 release date. Holy shamrocks! Still representing the best acting Jennifer Aniston has ever done (sadly not as the Leprechaun), the original film released in 1993 to massive success, raking in ten times its $900k budget. Since then, the series has sent its eponymous villain into the space for the fourth film, in the hood for the fifth, then back 2 tha hood for the sixth.

Given the internet’s enthusiasm for so-bad-they’re-amazing movies, plus Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s resurrection of the ‘Grindhouse’-style movie, the timing could not be more perfect for the Leprechaun’s return. Warwick Davis’ profile is on the rise since starring in Ricky Gervais’ middling TV series Life’s Too Short and he might be up for a return to one of his most beloved roles. If not, maybe that ‘morose goblin’ Daniel Craig (check the comments) might be interested? It’s gonna be a cracker to be sure, and at the very least perfect fodder for future Cult Club coverage.

[via Collider]