Falcon and the Winter Soldier WTF Moments: Episode 1


*This post contains spoilers for the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier*

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the next epic series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to hit Disney+ following WandaVision. The trailers were not wrong when it comes to how action-packed this show is. Within the first ten minutes of the premiere episode, we have an epic fight sequence and more lore following the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame. To that end, it’s time to break down a few key WTF moments from this episode.

Welcome to another edition of MCU Phase 4 WTF Moments. It’s gonna be a crazy rollercoaster ride so buckle in for some action and emotion.

5. “How does it feel?” “Like it’s someone else’s.” “It isn’t.”

Falcon Winter Soldier 1

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Sam is struggling in the aftermath of “The Blitz” and with the loss of Steve Rogers. We repeatedly hear Cap’s last words to him in Endgame, where the shield is passed onto Sam. Old Steve is heard saying to Sam in response that the shield doesn’t belong to someone else; it’s his. We speculated that would make him the next Captain America.

As Sam gets ready while ironing his suit he puts the shield back into its special case to be added to the Captain America exhibit. Sam makes it clear that no one else deserves that shield but Steve. Right from the get-go, audiences know that he’s struggling internally. Clearly, Steve wanted Sam (and only Sam) to be his successor and now Sam is left with the guilt that he shouldn’t be.

4. Air Fight

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Official Canyon Battle Clip (2021) Anthony Mackie

The first ten minutes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier feel more like a true Marvel cinematic experience on Disney+ than what we have seen so far from a television show. It’s intense, and the classic action-packed scene right from the get-go keeps in line with what we have seen from the Captain America films. Falcon proves he can be his own scene-stealer without simply being Cap’s sidekick. The humor mixed in with the intensity of the scene also shows that even while on the job, Sam hasn’t lost his touch after the blip.

3. Rule Number 3

Bucky's Therapy " Rule No 3 " | The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Clip 4K |

Bucky Barnes’ story post-Avengers: Endgame is playing out a little differently than Sam’s. He’s in government-mandated therapy as part of his pardon for crimes he committed as The Winter Soldier. It’s a hilarious session and Bucky really doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously, until we see him going after an ex Hydra agent. He casually hijacks the car, knocks her partner out, and smiles like a polite salesperson wishing you a “nice day”. Bucky’s therapist, however, doesn’t seem amused when he mentions “the notebook thing”.

2. Loan Denied Avengers Don’t Get Paid. “Can I get a selfie?”

Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows what Sam’s family was dealing with while he was gone after the blip. In an effort to save the family fishing boat business, he tries to get a loan with his sister. The banker, for lack of a better word, is a complete jerk and finally answers the question about whether Avengers get paid or not.

Despite Sam helping to save the world from complete oblivion multiple times, he still can’t get approved for a loan. When the banker asks him for a selfie and autograph, it results in a totally cringe-worthy moment. This one scene probably defines how most people see The Avengers now: as celebrities, not as actual people who are struggling to pay the bills.

It does make fans wonder why the ludicrously wealthy Tony Stark didn’t leave them all some kind of inheritance.

1. The New “Captain America”

The ending scene of the premiere episode is truly gut-wrenching and sparked memes online. John Walker is announced as “The New Captain America.” Sam and his sister are watching this play out on live television, and you can see the gears turning in Sam’s head knowing he screwed up big time and was played. The worst part of this all? That damn wink at the end.

It’s like Walker is trying so hard to imitate Steve Rogers but can’t quite fit the part. His head doesn’t even seem to fit the helmet properly. Now, that could be an error on the costume department’s part, or maybe the show is literally trying to drive home the point that Walker is attempting to “squeeze” himself into Steve’s very big shoes…kind of like an imitation Captain America action-figure you order online thinking it’s the real thing, but when it arrives you realize how cheaply made it is.

The close-up shot of the shield also further slaps fans in the face, probably along with Bucky and Sam, too.

Bonus: Flag Smashers Super Soldiers?

This scene, though quick, was pretty intriguing in its own right. Sam’s friend, Lieutenant Torres, is investigating “The Flag Smashers” and finds himself right smack in the middle of their heist. While trying to arrest one of them, he is beaten up by a man who seems to poses superhuman strength like Captain America and The Winter Soldier.

That leaves the door open for fans to wonder if the Flag Smashers are either more Super Soldiers or Mutants who somehow got their hands on the super-soldier serum during the blip. This sets up nicely for episode two of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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