Fan favorites will rumble in DC’s New Gods


Anyone following either Selma and When They See Us director Ava DuVernay or award-winning comics writer Tom King on Twitter knows at this point that DC’s New Gods movie is shifting into high gear.

With King and DuVernay working on the script for the big-screen adaptation of the legendary Jack Kirby’s cosmic DC saga, fans taking to the writers on Twitter are starting to squeeze details on the developing epic, with key characters seeming to be confirmed.

The DC universe’s cosmic tyrant Darkseid has been all but confirmed, as well as his legion of women warriors the Female Furies. Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ recent limited series Mister Miracle, focusing on the titular new god, featured the Furies’ Big Barda prominently, so it’s no great wonder King and DuVernay are looking to bring her to the… big screen. “How could any self-respecting Barda fan not include The Furies?!” DuVernay says on Twitter.

It’s wonderful news for fans to start learning a bit more about the brewing New Genesis/Apokolips battle that King and DuVernay are cooking up, and as a huge fan of Kirby’s original comics I’m thrilled to see the film in such talented hands. Who’s set to portray these iconic characters is still up in the air though, with DuVernay keeping an open mind in regards to casting. She did, however, suggest that some of her cast from the recent Netflix mini-series When They See Us had a strong likelihood finding their way into the space odyssey, so fans can start to picture just what this world will look like.

Warner Bros. has no date set for DC’s New Gods, but expect to have a little while longer to wait; 2021 or maybe ’22 sounds like a safe bet. Certainly expect to hear more as the script develops.

I just hope Forager gets in on the action!

Ava DuVernay Confirms Villains for DC’s ‘New Gods’ Movie, Teases Casting [Collider]