Fan-made animated Firefly series gets a trailer… and not much more


Firefly just will not die, and there’s very good reason for that. Despite only having one season on the air it has influenced sci-fi for years and created a devoted following. I count myself among that following so it is bittersweet that I present this trailer for a fan-made animated series. It’s awesome that animator Stephen Byrne has made The Animated Adventures of Firefly, but judging from the two years it took him to put together this trailer and the lack of commitment for actually releasing an episode on his Facebook page I fear this may be all we see. 

It’s also bittersweet because it breaks your damn heart all over again with that quick Wash clip. Seriously. Why you gotta hurt us so much, Stephen Byrne?

You can see the guy is pretty patient about all this in the second video below, which documents the creation of just a brief part of the trailer. 

The Animated Adventures of Firefly Teaser

[via Nerd Approved]

Matthew Razak
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