Fan made storyboard of the Ant-Man test reel is awesome


Ant-Man Movie Test Footage Storyboard Slideshow

When Marvel presented its wealth of Phase Two plans during the last Comic Con, the unlucky jerks like me who weren’t able to attend unfortunately had to hear about Edgar Wright’s awesome awesome test reel for his upcoming Ant-Man film secondhand. Now until Edgar Wright releases the real thing on the world wide Internetz, we have to rely on this awesomely crafted hand drawn version of it. 

Apparently DeviantArt user Samurai Jack was able to conjure this short collection of storyboards (put into a slideshow thanks to YouTube user ShartimusPrime) using only his memory and drew a rough approximation of the reel. Now let’s not get into how the test reel totes sucks because Ant-Man doesn’t beat his wife in it, or that one theory that Ant-Man was in The Avengers all along and was hiding in the Hulk’s nose the whole time. Let’s just enjoy the efforts of one guy with an elephant brain before the video gets taken down.