Fantasia International Film Festival this way comes


The New York Asian Film Festival wraps up tonight at the Asia Society and we’re only halfway through Japan Cuts, but apparently the programmers behind Fantasia didn’t consider that us Flixist writers might want to take a few days off before covering another enormous festival. Jerks.

Starting this Thursday, July 18th, the three week long marathon that is the Fantasia International Film Festival begins in Montreal. Yeah, that’s right: Canada. We’re covering a festival in Canada.  


Although the few days of overlap with Japan Cuts means Hubert and I won’t be able to really get into this right away, we’re going to be chipping away at as many of the more than 120 films playing as humanly possible. Excitingly enough, we might be getting some help from other Flixist writers too. So if you see “Fantasia Fest Review:”, it may not just be one of us.

But it probably will be.

Because there are so many movies, attempting to put them in one post would be silly and making multiple would just be redundant. So I will turn you to the official Fantasia website for any further information.

[Note that there is a slight chance this entire thing will fall through. If that does happen (unlikely though it may be), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the fest out if you’re in Montreal. It’s going to be pretty awesome, whether we’re covering it not.]