Fantastic Four director confirmed, Daredevil down one


Good and bad (though maybe actually good) news for comic book fans today. The Fantastic Four reboot is back on track with a confirmation of director Josh Trank, who has already proved his superhero chops with the stellar Chronicle. This should put Fantastic Four out some time after the next X-Men and Wolverine films. Deadline says that Fox, who has the rights to FF, is sure that this will be Trank’s next project despite him being the it director after Chronicle played so well.

Fox also has the rights to Daredevil and a screenplay they like for the reboot, but they just lost director David Slade since he couldn’t get the timing to work with other projects. This may sound like bad news, but if Fox can’t get the ball rolling on this by fall then Daredevil reverts back to Marvel and Disney and the character can be folded into the epic universe they’ve been creating. That would pretty much be good news for everyone except Fox, who would lose a popular superhero film.

However, Daredevil doesn’t really have the same pull as the X-Men and Wolverine so it may be that Fox just doesn’t see the benefit of rushing out a film just to keep the contract and would rather see a good film be made. Yeah, not going to happen.

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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