Fantastic Four reboot is also set to release in 2015


2015 is going to be quite a packed year. On top of Avatar 2 (lol), Avengers 2 (or better known as UMAS: 2015), and Justice League (also lol), Fox has set a release date for the Josh Trank (Chronicle) directed Fantastic Four reboot (via Exhibitor Relations’ Twitter for some reason), March 3rd, 2015.

2015 is going to be a nerdy year. I’m looking forward to the reboot actually. While the first two Fantastic Four films had a few good qualities, (Chris Evans was a fantastic Johnny Storm, and while his makeup was funky, Michael “I can only play one type of character” Chiklis didn’t really get annoying until the second film) it had plenty of things wrong with it. I mean, Galactus was a cloud. I’m sorry Fantastic Four apologists (do those exist?), but I’m never letting that go. 

[via Twitter]