Fargo looks far from home in its Season Four trailer


Who’d have thought a series “reinterpretation” of the Coen Brothers’ 1996 Oscar winner Fargo would have such legs? Now in its fourth season, show runner Noah Hawley is taking his quasi-anthology series out of its titular locale, hopping a couple of borders from quaint Minnesota crime to… grave organized crime in Kansas City, Missouri. Is crime ever quaint?

With a terrific cast headed up by Chris Rock, Fargo | Installment 4, as it’s titled properly, paints the portrait of Kansas City’s criminal underworld circa 1950, with the comeuppance of the local black mob putting the old guard Italian mafiosi on edge. Jason Schwartzman would look to be the young gun at the forefront of La Cosa Nostra’s Missouri interests, putting him right up against Chris Rock, with Timothy Olyphant appearing as a Southern drawling lawman, instantly recalling his iconic run on Justified

Something tells me this one’s going to be real good.

Following a Golden Globe win for Ewan McGregor’s turn in its last season (as well as wins back in 2015 for its first season, and copious nominations since) the trend would look to continue with this fourth season.

Fargo | Installment 4 is set to premiere on April 19th on FX, as well as the Fx on Hulu streaming brand.