Fassbender starring in The Counselor, shoot starts May 1


That was fast. In mid-January, novelist Cormac McCarthy sold his first spec script, The Counselor. (Essentially Breaking Bad with a lawyer.) At the beginning of February, Ridley Scott was interested in directing the film as his next project after Prometheus. Though nothing was set in stone, Scott was communicating directly with McCarthy. Prometheus and Shame star Michael Fassbender was soon rumored to play the lead.

Today, Michael Fassbender has been confirmed as the star of The Counselor with Ridley Scott at the helm. And on top of that, production is set to start on May 1st. Deadline hears that other high-profile stars are looking at roles in the film, including Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and even Brad Pitt. The cast should be filling out in the next few weeks since production is just two months away.

If this all works out well and the film is successful, I wonder if Scott will take up Blood Meridian again. But that’s looking too far ahead too soon. We’ve got a meth-cooking attorney to worry about first.

[Via Deadline]

Hubert Vigilla
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