Fast 9’s teaser makes it seem like a horror movie

Fast & Furious 9 - Teaser Trailer | "Things Change" (2021)

Universal Pictures has unleashed a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Fast Nine and uh…what? What is this? When did the Fast and the Furious series become about the hardships of parenthood? Why are Dom and Letty talking to their child like some supernatural beast is coming? Is there going to be some weird alien invasion plot twist for this ninth (technically 10th) installment of the franchise?

I’m likely just reading too much into it. I got a chuckle out of the “I can’t live my life a quarter-mile at a time anymore” line. It’s so stupidly cheesy and Vin Diesel reads it so sincerely that you can’t help but smile. It’s strange how this once brain dead and poorly edited series became something so massive.

With the film releasing in a little over four months, I guess we’ll find out in due time. I’d be really happy with some funky alien angle, though.

Vin Diesel reveals first teaser for Fast & Furious 9 [Entertainment Weekly]

Peter Glagowski
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