Fast and Furious to go the cinematic universe route


Cinematic universes are all the rage thanks to Marvel and their ability to print money with theirs. Universal has been desperate to get their own, but the best thing they have to offer is turning their classic monsters into superheroes. Not anymore. The big wigs there have decided to take their smash hit franchise Fast and Furious and turn it into a cinematic universe.

Now, with seven movies already under its belt you may argue that FF is a cinematic universe, but the true hallmarks of one are spin-offs and films that focus on different characters and could be franchises in their own right. In that vein, THR is reporting that the franchise as at least three movies in the works including the upcoming 8th sequel. The report is that spin-offs and prequels are in the works and that Vin Diesel is involved as producer.

The question is does anyone actually want to see a movie that features only Dom? Do we all need to know where Ludicrous’s character came from? I’m not sure expanding on the thread bare universe already established in the films is actually a good thing. 

Matthew Razak
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