Fear-mongering pregnancy book to be a romantic comedy


Your mother probably swore by What to Expect When You’re Expecting when she was pregnant. Mine certainly did. It’s one of the first things a woman will receive when her family finds out and wants to grant her the gift of knowledge. It’s also the product of outdated techniques and one of the worst books for a nervous new parent to read. Beyond the extremely high standards for dietary plans, including instructions for a new father on how to tell his pregnant lady she’s getting too fat, it’s full of worst-case scenarios and constant reminders that everything you do will horribly murder your unborn child.

This is, of course, the perfect material for an ensemble-style romantic comedy. Nanny McPhee director Kirk Jones will be working on it, and already has a script by Heather Hatch and a rewrite by Shauna Cross, who also wrote Whip It. This could actually have some comedic potential if they play up the you-are-horrible-no-matter-what angle, but it’s likely just a bad idea.

[via /Film, via Deadline]