Fede Alvarez to direct ‘The Shining set in the White House’


Here’s some slender news to let your imagination run wild with: Fede Alvarez, the filmmaker behind the phenomenal Evil Dead remake and Don’t Breath plans to direct a film that we no nothing about, except for one very tantalizing logline. The horror/thriller is being billed as “The Shining set in the White House.”

I mean, where do we even start, besides abject screams of delight?

Announced as part of deal between Alvarez’s Bad Hombre and Legendary Pictures, the film is one of two projects attached to the banner–the other being the previously announced Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot–with no additional information beyond that the untitled project will be written by Joe Epstein.

Honestly, anything by Alvarez is worth keeping an eye on at this point, but The Shining in the White House? That’s something special. Will the massive building be left empty over some sort of recess or government shutdown with only care-taking staff left around to navigate the maze-like mansion? Maybe that’s too obvious. Maybe the new president takes a turn for the insane under the stress of the office, and his family is forced to face a monster in their unfamiliar and sprawling new home.

Only time will tell, but I’ve decided to let myself get unreasonably excited about the idea anyway.

White House Horror Movie in the Works from ‘Don’t Breathe’ Filmmaker [THR]

Kyle Yadlosky
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