Felicity Jones spreads her wings in Albatross


If Like Crazy lives up to its hype, Felicity Jones will be a name you hear a lot in the future. With good reason too: as anyone who has seen Flashbacks Of A Fool will know, she has a huge amount of girl-next-door charm and the evocative vocal talents you’d expect of someone who first came to prominence in the UK on radio soap The Archers, which sadly has nothing to do with the American Archer.

In the meantime, Jones will be taking a supporting role in English coming-of-age movie Albatross, which had its first trailer released today at The Guardian. The story concerns Emilia (Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown-Findlay), a flighty young girl with aspirations to be novelist, who falls in love with the father of her best friend (played by Felicity Jones – the friend, not the dad). The tone seems to be fairly standard indie comedy-drama, not shy of quirk or cliché, but Jones’ presence alone makes it worth paying attention to and Brown-Findlay looks like she can hold her own. If only the title didn’t keep on making me think of the Monty Python sketch. Albatross!

The movie doesn’t have a US release date yet, but will open in the UK in October.

[via The Guardian]