Female version of The Expendables in the works


As Geoff alluded to this morning, a female version of The Expendables is now in the works from producer Adi Shankar. Shankar also produced The Grey and the forthcoming films Dredd 3D and Broken City. Newcomer Dutch Southern has been picked to write the as-yet untitled action film. There’s no word on the plot or any actresses who may be sought.

Not that Shankar and company will need any advice, but Flixist’s Expendables Week would be helpful. Xander’s list of 10 future Expendables has three women who kick ass to consider, and of course there’s also the Flixist staff’s list of 10 female badasses. After watching more recent women-as-action-leads movies for guidance, the filmmakers can also go back to Lady Snowblood, The Heroic Trio, The Switchblade Sisters (seen above, also known as The Jezebels), and so on.

Which action actresses would be indispensable for the female Expendables?

[Via Collider]

Hubert Vigilla
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