Festival films find distribution from Drafthouse Films


As awesome as film festivals are, a huge downer about them is that they screen a large number of films that won’t reach larger audiences because finding distribution can be hard, especially for foreign films that may serve a niche audience. In fact, a good chunk of the festival films we recently covered over the past month may not find distribution at all. Luckily, there are a few studios willing to take a risk and spread the good will.

Drafthouse Films, the distribution section of the Alamo Drafthouse, recently announced a deal with Image Entertainment, Inc. to distribute two film festival favorites, Bullhead and Clown, for domestic home releases, including home media, television, digital, and VOD.

While I haven’t seen Clown, I absolutely loved Bullhead. However, as much as I loved it, I knew it’d have some trouble finding distribution here. Then again, it has been named Belgium’s official Oscar entry for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film. In any event, you’ll now be able to witness for yourselves how amazing this film really is.