Fifty Shades of Grey loses Charlie Hunnam, needs rewrites


Over the weekend, Universal’s Fifty Shades of Grey motion picture (out August 2014 as of now) has been going through a few issues. First of all, Universal hired Patrick Marber to do some quick fine tuning of the script. Shortly thereafter, Charlie Hunnam (who was cast as the lead male, Christian Grey much to the delight of folks who like their men to match their porn books) left the film. According to The Hollowood Reporter, there was a rumor going about that stated the script was an issue, but Universal claims it’s fine despite the tuning work. 

In order to get it out by next year, the search for a replacement has already begun. Choices include hunky men like Jamie Dornan, Alexander Skarsgard, and Theo James. Let’s hope for the sake of a lot of people who want a Hollywood visual representation of their popular pornography all of this is resolved. 

[via THR]