Fifty Shades of Grey sequels land director


Fifty Shades of Grey was a really bad movie that featured even worse behind the scenes trouble between the director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and the book’s author, Can’t Write Well (possibly not her actual name). That meant that Taylor-Johnson was out for the next two films and now Glengarry Glen Ross and House of Cards director James Foley is in. I’m not sure that’s upward career movement, James.

You may remember that it wasn’t just the director who had problems on set, but also stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. This may be why the next two films are shooting back to back. Just get it over with like pulling of a Band-Aid. God only knows how Foley is going to pull any chemistry out of these two if their barely concealed contempt during publicity tours for the first film is still there.

Matthew Razak
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