Fifty Shades of Grey stars want fifty shades of green


Although Fifty Shades of Grey had the worst staying power imaginable, as it dropped over 70% in box office sales its second weekend out which meant that word of mouth was deservedly awful, it still made $550 million worldwide. Considering the conditions the actors put themselves through (the two stars, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson reportedly hate each other and E.L. James reportedly made a huge scene during filming of the first film), it’s understandable they’d want more money. 

According to THR, the pair received $250,000 each, signing on for the entire trilogy, and neither received back end money for box office performances either. So now they want more money, but how much? THR says they’ll ask for $10 million each and work their way from there. But Universal doesn’t want to inflate the series’ budget, so there’s a good chance they won’t get what they’re asking for. But if Universal were smart, they’d at least pay Johnson what she wants as she’s the only reason the first film didn’t flop to begin with. 

We don’t usually cover this sort of stuff on Flixist, but I’m particularly interested when stars of big franchises get little checks. 

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