Final trailer for superhero horror Brightburn singes your eyeballs

BRIGHTBURN - Final Trailer

With a May 24 release looming (or rather, “this Thursday” for all you night-before folks) Sony Pictures Entertainment have released one last glimpse at the James Gunn-produced sci-fi horror.

It certainly looks like it has the potential to fulfill the promise of “evil Superman,” with Jackson Dunn’s leading lad an eery sort of disaffected and detached from his puny human surroundings. Elizabeth Banks and David Denman star as the parents of the superchild.

With John Wick reigning supreme and something to do with The Avengers still kicking around, one hopes Brightburn can find its audience this coming Memorial Day Weekend. Especially with Disney’s Aladdin adaptation and the Olivia Wilde-directed Booksmart setting up for slices of the box office pie.