Finally a fully clear look at Godzilla


We’ve been teased and taunted and wowed and stunned by our hints at Godzilla in his new self-titled film, Godzilla, but we haven’t really gotten an all out clear look at the giant lizard. Empire has solved that issue with their new cover that flat out shows off every aspect you could possibly want to see.

So now that we have a truly clear look at the guy, what do you think? I love that they’ve somehow managed to create a realistic Godzilla that still looks like “guy in a suit” Godzilla. It’s the best of both worlds. Anybody having any problems with Roland Emmerich’s take?

Also, as a bonus, is Empire’s super special cover that is coming with the issue. The art team behind Godzilla’s marketing is working overtime it appears. 

[via Empire]

Matthew Razak
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