Finally a good look at the final Nic Cage Superman costume


Superman Lives is probably the most famous movie never made. Born of the mind of Kevin Smith and set to star Nicholas Cage with Tim Burton directing, the entire thing has gone on to reach legendary status in the realm of filmdom. Stories of its absurdity and just how weird things were going to get have circulated for years, and blurry images of Nic Cage screen testing Superman costumes lent it a sort of hushed-secret aspect, like the government trying to cover up aliens.

Well, cover up no more! For the last show of 2018 DC Daily was allowed to pull out Nic Cage’s Superman outfit from WB’s endless storage closet and now we can finally see it in all its glory. 

It’s actually kind of nice, and they say it’s the actual final design that would have been in the film. This design is clearly of its time and I hate the blue boots, but overall it’s not anything to hate. The blurry images made it seem far more skin tight but I like the shiny “S” (it stands for hope). I’m sure it would have looked a bit different on screen and in general all the more classic designs from actually made Superman movies are better but I don’t hate it. I really don’t. I do wonder if he was going to wear gloves or if the designer was just really into forearms with those short sleeves.

Behold the Nicolas Cage ‘Superman Lives’ Costume In All Its Heroic Glory [/Film]

Matthew Razak
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