Find out who’s actually in the Doom Patrol in this new trailer


A new trailer for the upcoming DC Universe TV show Doom Patrol dropped today and it’s about as dysfunctional as the team it’s talking about. The trailer shows the Patrol in a decidedly comedic light, with the team bickering and bantering while posing for a team photo and eating snacks in full costume on a motel bed. Halfway through it also gives us small shots of the individual heroes  in a kaleidoscopic effect along with their names and little hints at how they got ended up with their powers. You see Negative Man go from test pilot to bandaged up, Elasti-Woman turn from pristine and beautiful to melty, and Robot Man become….. a robot.  

The trailer is actually a bunch of smaller trailers smooshed together. The positive spin is it reflects The Doom Patrol’s eccentric and erratic adventures, while the negative spin is someone missed their deadline and they had to cobble together different promotional material as a last-ditch effort. Regardless, this  doesn’t look very good at the moment. 

While the comic version contained unique and baffling situations while dealing with complicated issues like mental health, this looks like a watered down, lower budget Suicide Squad, which shouldn’t even be possible. It may be DC’s troubled pedigree with their characters they are still trying to break out of, and DC television has usually fared better than the silver screen adaptations, but the red flags are there.

Doom Patrol will premiere on DC Universe February 15th.