First Alien: Covenant trailer promises horror, gore, and awesomeness


If you can spare a few minutes away from your family today, you should check out the first Red Band trailer for Alien: Covenant. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus wasn’t received too well, so it looks like Scott wants to rectify that with the sequel. Taking place ten years after Prometheus, Covenant is kind of like a soft reboot with a brand new cast (with Michael Fassbender’s android David being the only returning character), new Xenomorph threat, and new overall tone (leaning more into sci-fi horror than its predecessor). 

Best of all? This looks absolutely brutal. Although this trailer has yet another cover of a popular song, it’s got the kind of striking imagery that only this series can provide. I absolutely cannot wait for this. 

Alien: Covenant opens May 19th next year. 

Alien: Covenant | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX