First Annabelle 2 trailer confirms prequelness


The first trailer for the sequel to the spinoff of The Conjuring is here, and much like with all other things involving a creepy doll it looks really creepy. Annabelle 2 brings us once again into the world of people who will keep a ridiculously creepy looking doll in their house for no good reason. We knew before that the would follow a doll maker and his wife who let a nun and several children stay with them for awhile. Bad stuff starts happening. 

In the trailer we see Miranda Otto’s character call out Annabelle to either the doll or the little girl so this sequel once again seems to be a prequel. Maybe the tale of how the doll got evil. With Lights Out helmer David F. Sandberg there’s good chance we will be getting something really atmospheric.

Annabelle 2 - Announcement Trailer - Warner Bros. UK

Matthew Razak
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