First Bumblebee image gives us a VW Bug


The Transformers films are going full cinematic universe soon with the first spinoff film, Bumblebee, coming out next December. That’s a bit away, but considering the flop that was Transformers: The Last Knight Paramount probably wants to start hyping this thing up as much as they can as early as possible.

The image shows Hailee Steinfeld hopping out of a yellow VW Bug, that we can probably assume is the car that Bumblebee is currently inhabiting. That’s more inline with his original look than the Michael Bay sports car he inhabited in the new films. And that change doesn’t just go for him. The movie is set in the 80s and is said to be more of a coming-of-age story with Bumblebee being the only Transformer featured in any major way. Obviously that’s a shift in pace for Bay’s “cram every transformer ever onto the screen even if it doesn’t make sense” style.

I’m pretty numb to the Transformers franchise by now, but there are a few things going for this. First, Paramount reportedly wants to steer clear of any more Bay-style Transformers films. Second, they tapped Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight to direct. It’s his first live action film, but his animated stuff is so good I’m really hopeful he can do something amazing with a franchise that is not so much that. 

Matthew Razak
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