First clip from South Park season 20 takes on Colin Kapernick’s national anthem protest


It’s hard to believe that South Park is about to start its 20th season. I still remember when it first debuted. I was in high school, and I had hair, and I wore an onion on my belt. The late Isaac Hayes had a #1 UK single thanks to the song “Chocolate Salty Balls”; hell, Hayes was still on good terms with co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone back then. (They would eventually experience an ugly parting of ways when South Park took on the Church of Scientology.)

Season 20 premieres on Wednesday with an episode titled “Member Berries”. In the first clip of the new episode we have South Park‘s take on 49ers QB Colin Kapernick. Kapernick has protested police violence and racism at NFL games by refusing to stand while the national anthem is played.

Check out the first clip right here:

Judging from the clip and the picture of Cartman seen above in the header, it looks like “Member Berries” will deal with the Black Lives Matter movement.

This should end well.

South Park‘s season premiere airs Wednesday, September 14. Do you still watch the show or did it peak years ago? Let us know in the comments.

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