First clip from The Amazing Spider-Man stars Peter Parker


Over the weekend, a new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man was released through the viral site promoting the film, Mark of the Spider-Man. Per director Marc Webb’s ((500) Days of Summer) direction, the clip shows off Andrew Garfield’s best Peter Parker impression in a vicious showdown against his new arch-nemesis, The Doorman. It highlights some of Parker’s inherent awkwardness, which I think was too over-blown with Tobey Maguire’s depiction in the Sam Raimi films. In case you couldn’t tell, I hated the Maguire Spider-Man.

Of course, this isn’t the kind of clip we’re expecting to be teased before its July 3rd release, so we’ll keep our eyes open when those clips DO get released. I’m all for great Peter Parker exposure, but I really wanna see Spidey shoot some webs. That… sounded dirty.

[via Mark of the Spider-Man]