First clip of The Host 2 from director Park Myeong-chan

The Host 2 MOVIE (Blockbuster Fantasy - Creature Film)

I really dug Bong Joon-ho’s The Host, the 2006 Korean monster movie that’s full of dark, bitter comedy and surprising emotion. I was barely aware that a sequel to The Host was in the works, but here is the first footage from it.

The Host 2 is from director Park Myeong-chan, who’s apparently done commercials in the past. (Bong Joon-ho didn’t wish to return; he’s currently doing post-production on Snow Piercer starring Chris Evans.) There’s no indication of the film’s story or possible release date.

Maybe the coolest thing about this footage is that you get to see how Macrograph, a Korean effects company, did the CG. Macrograph is also responsible for the digital effects on the 2011 version of A Chinese Ghost Story and Journey to the West, Stephen Chow’s forthcoming Monkey King movie.

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