First concept art for Justice League movie appears


You best be ready for a true onslaught of DC movie stuff. After Batman v. Superman lands we’ll be getting Marvel levels of DC comic book movies and the campaign really kicks off now. Ahead of tonight’s TV special is going to highlight the birth of the Justice League and tie into the CW shows as well. That’s a bit weird since the shows don’t connect to the films, but whatever. Also, it will have a new Suicide Squad trailer during it.

The point being is that here’s some artwork that gives us a very general first look at Ezra Miller’s Flash and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. That’s pretty much all we got. I suppose, if you really want to get upset, you could say that the inclusion of Batman and Superman in the image spoils the fact that the two are going to make up during BvS

[via DC Films]

Matthew Razak
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