First concept art for Tarsem’s Snow White


If you’ve been following my coverage of the dueling Snow White movies in production, you’ll remember that the Relativity Media Snow White that’s being directed by Tarsem Singh has just started filming. Well, Relativity just released some concept art for the movie in the form of a two-page advertisement in the Hollywood Reporter.

The longer I look at this ad, the stranger it gets. I’m not even sure where to start, I mean, first there’s the crazy tagline “A Comedic Adventure Awaits” – because vanity, jealousy and murdering children is hilarious. Then there’s the title design which is obviously temporary because it doesn’t even have a title yet. And even stranger is the fact that the shadow girl in the image is walking toward a castle on the arctic tundra?? I mean, I really, really like Tarsem, and I’ll bet that his Snow White movie will be visually beautiful, but at this point I’m not too sure about every other aspect of this project. Images from

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