First Deadcon trailer is The Shining for YouTubers


Horror Movie Trailer | Deadcon | ALTER

Coming to the upcoming Cinepocalypse Film Festival, we have the first trailer for Deadcon, a chiller about YouTube influencers who stay in a haunted hotel suite. Between this, the upcoming The 16th Episode, and some others it seems YouTuber horror is going to be something of a trend this year.

This one, which stars a pair of actual YouTubers, follows Lauren Elizabeth and Claudia Sulewski as they retreat to some glitzy, overbooked hotel. The rooms they get, however, harbor vengeful spirits more terrifying than their rabid fans. Sounds like a fine setup.

The vibe I’m getting from the trailer is The Shining-but-everyone-is-really-insufferable-and-you-want-them-to-die. If this is how I’m meant to feel, then they nailed it. If I’m supposed to care about bodily harm coming to self-obsessed influencers who get to stay in a hotel for free just to film it while acting super obnoxious, then this one might be a misfire. Only time will tell.

Deadcon will premier at Cinepocalypse on June 14, 2019 with a nationwide release to follow this fall.

Kyle Yadlosky
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