First Ender’s Game poster released


The first poster for Ender’s Game was released today by Summit Entertainment, and it is a special treat. This debut poster is the first look at what will be the “Battle Room” from the science fiction novel. It is a room where the students go to learn battle techniques and fight against each other, and a potential source for a lot of great action sequences depending on what they select from the novel.

Expecting fans should not have to wait too long for more tidbits of information. According to Collider, the first trailer is expected to come out tomorrow. We’ll probably see some shots of Asa Butterfield who stars as Ender and alongside him will be Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, and Hailee Steinfield.

Ender’s Game is set to open in both IMAX and regular theaters on November 1st. Check out below for the high resolution poster thanks to Yahoo Movies.

[Yahoo! Movies via Collider]