First Finding Dory poster swims in


I think I say this every time a Pixar sequel comes up, but it’s worth saying: Toy Story 3 basically gave them carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want. When they knocked a third film out of the park when everyone was basically hating on them for making a needless sequel they erased doubt. This first poster for Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo, is doing the same.

It’s pretty much perfectly executed with only a throwback to one of the most quoted lines in Pixar’s library. It’s simplicity doesn’t really get at the film’s plot, though, so I’ll explain. The movie will follow Dory, Martin and Nemo as they explore the ocean to find out more about Dory and her family. It should really be great considering the entire creative team is back and, you know, it’s Pixar.

Matthew Razak
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