First footage from Forbidden Zone 2. Yup, it is weird.


If you haven’t seen Forbidden Zone, you’re missing out on one of the pinnacles of bizarre filmmaking. It’s got a portal to another dimension that’s in some dude’s basement, and also the portal is intestines. It’s got a midget Frenchman as a king with multiple concubines. Danny Elfman (THAT Danny Elfman, yes) plays Satan. It’s amazing. Director Richard Elfman, brother to Danny, has talked about making a sequel for years now, and it was one of those things I’d assumed was happening somewhere but wouldn’t see the light of day for a really long time. Here, however, is a little bit of test/teaser footage for the film, titled Forbidden Zone 2: The Forbidden Galaxy. Unfortunately for me, it’s dubbed in Spanish, as the footage premiered at the Morbido Film Festival in Mexico. Still, you get a GREAT sense of the utter absurdity of both music and visuals. The song we hear here will be in the movie, but the footage itself will not.

The character we see here is Princess Polly, daughter to the King of the Forbidden Zone. Her main traits seem to be musical numbers and being a total butterface. Richard Elfman gave an actual synopsis of the film, which I am posting after the cut. It, too, is balls-out bizarre, and I love it. Now I really want to go home and watch Forbidden Zone until my eyes fall out.

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Richard Elfman at the Morbido Film Festival:

Ma and Pa Kettle leave the depressed Dust Bowl with their kids, Stinky and Petunia, and drive their old jalopy down to Crenshaw in South-Central Los Angeles. Stinky is a hyper-active 12-year-old, played by a hyper-active 50-year-old; Petunia is a lumbering 13-year-old slut, played by an actress over 18 (hopefully); Ma is a corn-cob pipe-smoking inbred, and Pa is a craven, drunken carnival geek…with a bad disposition…even before his carnival job folded after the last dust storm. Together, they hope to find a better life in California. Unfortunately, the little shack they rent has a basement connected to the Sixth Dimension–a bizarre underworld, ruled by a megalomaniac midget King, his jealous Queen, and an array of fantastical creatures, the most outrageous being The Princess Polly, a man-hungry gal with a to-die-for sexy, voluptuous body and an over-sized, grotesque, cartoon-like head.  Her wild get ups and show-stopping musical numbers will give Gaga a run for the money!