First full trailer for Planes: Fire and Rescue

Disney's "Planes: Fire & Rescue" Trailer 1 - Courage

For a guy who doesn’t like the idea of Planes as much as I do (hence the running “F**king Planes” joke), I seem to be writing about it quite a bit. I’m just mad at its origin, is all. It was a made for home video project that was too rough for Pixar to put its name behind, yet was released to theaters anyway. But while I’m sour at the original, I’m a little ashamed of myself to say that Planes: Fire and Rescue looks much, much better. 

The animation’s cleaner, this trailer is notably more entertaining, and the story seems a lot more gripping than the Cars ripoff the original was. Can Planes: Fire and Rescue make me less of a bitter old man? Time will tell as Planes: Fire and Rescue exists July 18th.